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Mobile, AL

Ms. C is a super AirBNB host in Mobile, AL that was looking to spruce up and declutter her laundry area. Location was no obstacle here. We managed a few online consultations which produced big results that didn't break the bank.  It was such a joy hearing the excitement in her voice when she revealed her decluttered and inviting laundry room. She is sure to get good reviews for neatness in her near future!

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Farmhouse Bathroom Staging - Before

Katy, TX

The goal of this project was to turn this half bath into a modern farmhouse theme that was inviting for the family and guests. What you can't see pictured is the 5 tier rack across from the toilet that really makes the space feel small. Scroll to the next slide to see how we changed things up.

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Farmhouse Bathroom Staging - After

Katy, TX

We're completely in love with how this project turned out. Two things that really opened up this space was removing the five-tier rack and replacing the mirror. The space feels larger and is most definitely inviting. Mission Complete!

Design & Decor: @teacupgroup

Flooring, hardware and paint updates: JScottProperties.com 

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