3 Easy Steps to Organize Wedding Inquiry Responses and Quotes

Updated: Jul 7

By: Shenette Prevo

Teacup Planning & Events | Houston Wedding Planner

You said “YES”! Your mind is going 100 miles per hour with what to do next. There’s so much to tackle, so much to plan. I bet anxiety is already setting in.


Breath in.

Breath out.

Still with me? Good! I’m glad you’re here.

While there are 3, 999, 000 things on a wedding planning list I need you to remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your wedding be. You have to start with the foundation. What’s the foundation of wedding planning? I’m glad you asked, it’s organization.

You know the basics, start looking at your budget and start a guest list. That’s all over the internet & social media. I’m here to add organization to the list of firsts. Starting with E-Mail. Listed below are (3) easy steps to keep up with your wedding info electronically and why you should.

Step #1 - Set up a new email address & share it with your spouse

Organization is key! This new email address will help to keep everything wedding related in one place and can remain the family email address after the wedding. Be sure to use a handle that can be used beyond your wedding date such as your first Initial + your spouse’s first initial + your married last name@email.com

Step #2 - Create a filing system

Set up labels/folders in the inbox to allow ease of searching and to keep the email inbox from getting out of hand. Venues, Catering, Entertainment, Photography, Videography, Bakers, & Wedding Planners are good labels to start with. Feel free to make sub labels as needed.

Step #3 - Use it for online inquiries

Now that you’ve created your new joint email and filing system you’re ready to start using it as you fill out online inquiries and requests for quotes for wedding planners/coordinators, venues, and vendors you’re considering for your big day. This will ensure the replies come to one place that both you and your spouse have access to. As you receive responses, use the labels you created in step #2 to categorize them.

Organization is the foundation of wedding planning. Start by setting up a joint email you and your spouse can use during planning and after the wedding.

Create a filing system to help you keep the inquiries and quotes organized and easy to find. Remember to use the email address when you’re filling out online inquiries for potential venues and vendors.

Check in next week for tips on planning your engagement party and how the engagement party ties into your big day.

‘Til Next Tea Time!

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